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Facetime review best video chat app

Facetime is perhaps unmatched in its popularity. Looking at the cult fan following Apple has, it would be pretty ignorant to consider no contribution of the apps’ the company has to offer. Truth is that each Apple app has something unprecedented to offer. And Facetime towers above fellow Apple apps too!

This isn’t hyperbole. If i were to tell you what the latest Apple device and iOS are bringing to the table, you’d be pretty stoked too. With iOS 10 and iPhone 7 just in the market, FaceTime has a much simpler sync with iMessage, effectively pooling their strengths together. That is enough to take out any app in competition. Let’s see what’s hot with FaceTime for windows

  • FaceTime’s security features are as yet unmatched by most popular internet messaging and video chat services. The Electronic Frontier Foundation gives it 5 out of 7, and the app scores consistently of other organisations’ evaluations as well.

  • A voice call of your iPhone can be seamlessly converted into a FaceTime session, without waiting for the app to load or slow buffering. This on course needs an internet connection, but there are no unnecessary bottlenecks thanks to the quick load speed on the app.

  • The app also presents you with a pretty easy interface. A call preview is always active so you can multitask on your Apple device while also talking to your friends. Managing the video call uses the same buttons a voice call does.

There’s so much more the app has to offer. But to be fair, it is not a perfect app. I mean, which app ever is? So if you’re making the decision to commit to Facetime, you need to keep the negatives in mind as well.

  • The app is Apple only. This might not be a comfortable situation for those who have friends or family who use Android, Blackberry or other devices.

  • As much as the preview is helpful in keeping your conversation going while also doing other stuff of your device, the size can be pretty small, which certainly isn’t fit for if you want to type text from the video, or even see your friend decently.

Overall, I would award 8 out of 10 points to the app. It remains to be seen how the next updates roll out, given how Allo and Duo from Google have premiered and will evolve to include more and more features, in addition to their availability of both Android and iOS.