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Clash Royale Vs Clash of Clans

Coming from the family of Supercell there was no doubt about both the games being epic. Are you new to any of them?

Let me tell you both the games may seem same on various aspects like the look and feel but they seem to attract fans from two different worlds.

Why is that so?

There are quite a lot of differences between. Come let us talk about the differences.

Although both the games are strategic they start from an entirely different plot:

1) Building world VS defense world: Clash of Clans is a world building game that needs you to set up a village and protect it against the real time multiplayer. You need to earn and build every part of your village and that is where all the strategy goes.

While Clash Royale is all about a laid up Kingdom defenses. You start the game as a player who has some cards to pick up from and his aim is to take down the opponent towers. With Clash Royale all the strategy goes into attacking the opponent at minimum Elixir cost.

2) Loot VS Collection:  Clash of clan calls you to build your village and as realistic as it could get it lets you attack and loot other villages to enrich its resources. 

With Clash Royale it’s the opposite side of the coin for your wins you get trophies and you get periodic chests that unlock different cards for you to strengthen your strategic game play.

3)  Plan VS Watch: Clash of the plan calls for meticulous planning at each step and may sometimes want you to wait till you get a particular resource. Clash Royale’s strategy is till you deploy the card. Post that what happens is to be watched to plan ahead.

4) More spending VS Less Spending: Well this feedback comes directly from the gaming world. Clash Royale digs in more dollars than Clash of Clan. To grow Clash of Clan calls for a better strategy in building the village while Clash Royale calls for more gems to get better and stronger cards. All in all, it drains your dollars. 

Clash of Clan and Clash Royale both belong to the strategic world but one is the building world and other is the defense world. If you like detailed planning go for Clash of Clan and if you like the quick battles go for Clash Royale. But the hard core gamers say both are “Brothers from the same mother” so supercell gave you two different games to play on, chose the one that suits your style!!