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Terrarium Tv: Review

Terrarium Tv: App Review

In those old school days watching movies and tv shows on your television was the only way possible as free movie streaming applications were not invented. Or for that matter were not famous amongst the young generation. 
Now there are plenty number of movie streaming applications for your smartphones, they indeed entertain you to your hearts content. These streaming services allow you to watch movies, videos and tv shows for free on your devices be it smartphones, tablets or PC.
Terrarium Tv apk is one such application that allows you to stream, download and watch movies for free on your Android smartphones. It is definitely one of the best movie streaming application in the virtual world for now at least. 
Certainly Terrarium Tv is a new entry between its powerful competitors like ShowBox, CinemaBox, PlayView, SnapTube, PlayBox, Popcorn times and many more. It is still trying hard to secure its position in the digital market today.

Terrarium Tv is providing all the basic facility of a movie streaming application:-
  • High definition video quality
  • Trustable video links from various resources.
  • Different resolutions compatible with your smartphone.
  • 15 plus languages 
  • Over thousand movies and tv shows
  • Movies with subtitles and syncing facility. 
  • A variety of genres like action, adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, fiction, documentaries, serious, romance, thriller, comedy and biographies. 
  • ChromeCast support 
  • Facilities like last watching and bookmark movies and episodes
Terrarium makes it easy for users to understand the user interface and download unlimited movies. It has a gothic looking background that makes it quite interesting. 
Though the application quite smooth and flawless, it comes out with few caveats as well. First of all, Terrarium Tv does stream movies with subtitles but when it comes to downloading them with subtitles, that feels a little impossible to do. 
Secondly the application is yet not released for iOS devices, infact, Terrarium developers have announced that they are not planning to launch the application for iOS devices. 


Recently Terrarium Tv has released bollywood movies for Indian viewers. With the new updating you can experience new series and movies. The only requirement to run Terrarium on your smartphone is Android 4.0.1 and above version as well as MX Player.  
Terrarium Tv is an excellent application with few disappointments. It can entertain you with a good stock of videos over all. Terrarium Tv is rising as an incredible movie streaming app between its competitors. Let’s hope to see few more changes in the app in the coming years.  

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